Age: 4

Gender: Female

Score: 25

Personality type: Extroverted

Favorite Adventure: Our regular courtyard walks! Tomo Is at her most comfortable and confident in her regular stomping grounds.

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Our Story

Hello there! My name is Sharon, and Tomo, or Tomoko, as I like to call her when she’s up to
mischief, is my 4-year old adventure kitty who I adopted as an adult cat from a local shelter.
While I wasn’t entirely sure if she would be well-suited for the adventure life when she first came
into my life, I decided to give her an opportunity to expand her horizons at her own pace. We
began adventure training about two months after she came to her forever home, but only in the
last few months have I seen drastic improvements in her comfort level with exploring. However,
each and every day, she is still an adventure cat “in training”, as I truly believe that learning is a
lifelong journey!

Tomo scored 25 on the Cat Personality Quiz, making her just hitting the lower threshold on the
Extraversion scale. While Tomo is indeed an extraverted kitty in many situations, I do feel that she
has some dominant tendencies as well, and can also be shy and very cautious in new situations. I
believe it is her strong sense of curiosity that serves as the foundation to her extraversion traits,
as she’s always keenly observing and interacting with her environment.

Upon consideration of her Cat Personality Quiz score in combination with the experiences she
has been through, I would say that Tomo is an extraverted cat, provided that she has had
sufficient exposure time, training, and/or desensitization practice towards a certain stimulus to
allow her to be her best and most confident self in these different situations!

Our favorite adventure activity to do together would be our regular courtyard walks. While we try
to go out as much as possible, our walks are weather and schedule dependant. However, it
definitely doesn’t stop Tomo from asking to go out every day!

So why are courtyard walks still our favorite activity despite the numerous camping, hiking, and
road trip adventures we’ve been on together? This is because I recognize that Tomo is at her
most comfortable and confident in her regular stomping grounds. There is nothing that brings me
greater joy than seeing her trotting along with her tail high to the sky, taking different routes each
day to explore our courtyard in different ways, and assuredly walking through the open areas that
she would otherwise avoid in unfamiliar places.

From our experiences of starting adventure training a little later in life as an adult cat, Tomo and I
aim to inspire and encourage those with adult cats that it’s never too late to start trying, and that
success can be found with the mutual determination and efforts from both human and kitty!