Age: 7 mo

Gender: Male

Score: 27

Personality type: Extroverted

Favorite Adventure: I like walks in the woods!

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Our Story

Hi my name is Rune!

I am a 7 month old domestic medium hair living life in the Midwest. I was born in a foster home but luckily my human picked me up straight from there so I never had to spend a single day in the shelter. My foster human was also a doggy sitter, so I was prepared from day one for my new home, which I like to call organized chaos! I have 2 older kitty siblings, Lola who is 7 years old and Tank who is 13, both are also domestic medium hair cats. I also have 3 older doggy siblings and one human sibling!

My humans love the outdoors! They are always hiking, kayaking, and backpacking. I'm slowly learning to love hiking. I much prefer the woods to walks on the road as cars still scare me. I don't know if I'll ever be able to enjoy the kayaks. The dogs say they're great but that much water is terrifying, plus the dogs are a little nuts so I don't think I should trust them!

I hope my journey in learning to love exploring can help other kitties like me!