Tomo: Winter Adventures

Updated: Mar 10

Ah, Winter! A picturesque scene of softly drifting snow, cozy blankets, and a roaring fire.

Tomo and I love this idea of winter if we can enjoy this peaceful atmosphere from the warmth of our home, but not so much when we are stuck outside.

I’ll be honest here—in the wintertime, we don't adventure outside very often. The reason why we don’t adventure in the winter as much is because: 1. Both Tomo and I dislike the cold, 2. Tomo usually refuses to move if she’s wearing any clothing that covers her chest/tummy area, so it’s difficult to keep her warm, 3. Tomo hates wearing shoes, so keeping her paws warm in the ice/snow or just protecting them from the cold cement (and salt) is a challenge!

But how we navigate these challenges so that Tomo can still have enrichment in the winter months is by choosing alternative adventures to our typical warmer weather courtyard walks, hikes, and camping trips:

1. Visiting a friend/family’s home

Although car rides are not on the top favourite activities for Tomo, she very much enjoys arriving at our destination and visiting the homes of friends and family and exploring the different sights, smells, and sounds in these new environments. Tomo is generally a lot more confident indoors than outdoors when it comes to going to a place she’s never been before, so I always enjoy seeing her happy tail high to the sky as she’s poking her little nose into every nook and cranny in a new space!

2. Opting for a backpack ride adventure

Since Tomo dislikes wearing clothing and shoes, if I do take her out on an adventure in very cold, rainy, or snowy conditions, I wrap her in warm blankets and let her ride in her backpack instead. Tomo is quite content to just relax and enjoy the view from the safety and warmth of her bag!

3. Taking advantage of weather windows

As we’re located in Vancouver, Canada, we generally have the mildest weather in all our country, so it’s not extremely cold or snowy all winter. A tolerable daytime temperature for us is above 8°C/46.4°F, and there are definitely weather windows we try to take advantage of to head outside when it’s warm and dry enough.

Some final adventuring tips I would like to share regarding winter adventures would be:

  • Always dress warm and/or bundle up in blankets! If you are feeling cold, your cat is too, even if they’re already wearing their fur “coat”

  • If the ground is very cold, use some form of foot protection, either shoes, socks, or a protective wax (I have not used this myself but I’ve heard Musher’s Secret works wonders to protect paws against the cold AND hot pavement)

  • Wipe paws and undersides down after walking outside! We always have this habit regardless of hot or cold weather, but in the wintertime especially, the chemicals from road salt can make our beloved friends sick if they ingest it through grooming, etc.

  • Most importantly, have fun! Don’t force yourself and your kitty to go outside just because you see others doing it and seemingly having a blast. If that type of adventuring isn’t your cup of tea, then find something that’s actually enjoyable to do rather than being cold and miserable outside!

I’d love to hear from YOU on what sort of cold weather adventures you and your adventure kitties get up to! Please leave a reply down below in the comments to share any fun activity ideas ☺️!

Happy Adventuring!


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