My Backpack, by Little Layla

Updated: Mar 10

Hi everyone!

My backpack is one of my favourite things, so I am really excited to tell you all about it. Mum got it for me when I was a couple of months old, and I love it. This was the first time I ever travelled in it, before I had even tried on my harness. Mum and Dad had left it out in the house for a while, and we had already played lots of games with it like throwing my favourite toys into it, and whenever I went in on my own I got a treat so I knew I was going to have fun. We went for a short walk to a local park, and sat on a bench together. Mum and Dad opened the top so that I could look out, but they were very careful to make sure I didn’t get out to explore. I wasn’t ready for that yet. I got all the treats I could possibly imagine, and I just loved watching all the people walking past, the birds, and the boats on the river.

In the car, I travel in my backpack too. I often sit on the back seat, but if it’s just me and Mum or Dad, I get the front seat. They put my backpack so it faces them on the driver’s seat, and they talk to me a lot. Sometimes I talk back, but mostly I just listen. I’m a really good listener.

It’s all zipped up on the journey, but whenever we stop I like to get out and stretch my legs. I love how the front rolls up and there’s velcro to keep it there, so I can look out at everyone but stay safe inside. Mum tried leaving it unzipped while she was driving, but I just really, really love being in the car so even if I’m clipped in, if I think I can get out and explore, I will!

When we go out too restaurants and cafes, I get my own chair. My backpack goes on the chair, and when I’m finished exploring and making sure I’m happy with everything (it’s really important that I make sure I talk to everyone sitting at the tables next to us!) I can hop back inside my backpack and chill out.

Sometimes, things get a little bit overwhelming for me. I like to explore, but I get so excited I don’t know when to stop. Mum helps me calm down by putting me back in my backpack and zipping it up - I feel all cosy and safe, and it doesn’t take more than a minute or two before I feel better again.

Everywhere we go, my backpack goes. It’s how I get to places, and it’s my second home. I make sure I can always hop back in easily if I need to. It’s got really useful pockets on either side which fit lots and lots and lots of treats in them, so that’s one of my favourite features. It also has a clip at the bottom, which can be good when I want to have the top open and look out, but we don’t have time for exploring. The bottom bit is fleecy and warm and a bit soft, but not too soft which is good because I don’t like it when things are too squishy underneath my paws.

I’m a super chilled out kitten so I mostly just snooze in my backpack whenever I can, but occasionally I like to grab onto the mesh sides when I am in the mood for playing and being silly. I’ve had my backpack for nearly a year now and it’s still looking good so it copes well with my claws when I decide to get them out. It’s really structured, so it’s sturdy even when the top and the front are open, which helps me feel safe.

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