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Hello everyone!

Writing to you all from the rainy west coast city of Vancouver, 4-year-old Canadian adventure kitty Tomo/Tomoko here!

Me in my rainy day outfit

As you can see in my lovely photo to the side there, I am a female domestic short haired tabby cat with green eyes and white mittens. While I'm generally a calm and lazy kitty, I have my active periods throughout the day where I zoom around the house, hunt for bugs, ask for attention from humans, or ask to go out for a walk.

I was adopted in May of 2020 at the BCSPCA. Unfortunately, I had been surrendered due to issues with urinating outside of my litter box. From what the SPCA has gathered, it may have been from my old home being too large and not having enough litter boxes.

(Human: from the instances she's eliminated outside of the litter box at our home, we think it may also be due to stress from changes in environment, the amount of time we spend at home, etc.)

Fun fact: My name used to be Noelle before I came to my forever home. However, I feel that Tomoko is a much better name, as it means either “friendly child” or “knowing/wise child” in Japanese (which, could not be better suited as I am, of course, the friendliest and smartest kitty ☺).

My favorite foods include chicken, beef, salmon, and any moist cat treats! My humans only feed me a raw/freeze-dried raw diet, which I’m sure they would be happy to share some insights about if you reach out. Some toys that I enjoy playing with most are silvervine sticks with feathers, catnip kickers, and bird-shaped/feathery fishing rod toys.

Wearing the best gift from @kimchitheadventurecat

From the Cat Personality Quiz, I scored 25, which is at the lowest end of the extraversion index, but I’d like to provide some deeper insights into my personality. I’m generally quite curious about things, whether it’s new humans that visit our home, or new objects and smells, and I’ll usually be brave enough to approach these new stimuli if I’m in a comfortable, familiar environment. However, just because I go up to sniff someone, doesn’t mean I’ll be receptive to pets! I tend to shy away once the hands start approaching, as I like to initiate interactions on my own terms.

As well, when I’m outside exploring, or in unfamiliar places, I am a lot more cautious and usually quite scared of people and other animals that come too near. I’ve been known to puff up upon seeing humans, dogs, and even other cats. I definitely need to take the time to familiarize myself with my environment and the things within it to feel more confident.

In the summertime, my humans take me camping and hiking almost every other weekend! Although I don’t enjoy car rides very much (Human: she gets car sick on longer drives, and we usually give her anti-nausea medication to help with this), I really enjoy relaxing by the fire and (Human: trying) to catch mice at camp.

My humans have even taken me on a kayak a few times, but I’ll admit this was definitely not my favorite activity (I prefer adventuring through quiet, forested trails). In the coming years, my humans will be trying to take me on some rock climbing adventures so that I can (hopefully) become a cool crag cat!

Due to my curiosity-driven personality my humans’ love for the outdoors, they decided to try adventure training with me a few months after I came to my new home and got settled in. It might be because I am a very stubborn kitty (Human: Tomo is extremely non-food or toy driven), but my training as an adventure kitty is still very much a work in progress, and my humans are working hard to build my confidence, practice recall and other clicker training, and progressively exposing me to different types of environmental enrichment.

Accepting autumn offerings

If you’d like to see my daily adventures, please take a peek at my Instagram @tomo.mittens! My humans would be happy to connect, swap stories and tips, and share their love with the cat explorer community!

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