Meet Me-ow: Rune

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Hi all!

My name is Rune, I am an 8 month old domestic medium haired or domestic long haired cat depending on who you ask. I live in the mid-west of the USA with my family.

Lets start at the beginning. An amazing foster took in my mother so she could have us kittens in a nice warm home rather than out on the streets! I quickly grew to be the biggest of all my brothers and sisters. Mostly because I LOOOOOOOVE food, which hasn't changed! In my foster home I had the pleasure of having my own siblings with me as well as a plethora of foster siblings, so I was no stranger to chaos. This was a good thing because my new home came with lots of new friends!

When I was 10 weeks old I finally got to officially move into my new home. Two of my sisters came with me on this journey because they went to some of my new humans close friends so I got to see them a little while longer. My human picked me because she had always wanted an all back cat, so she of course gave me a new witchy name. This new name also came with loads of new siblings! I have two older kitty siblings, Lola age 7, and Tank age 13, also 3 older doggy siblings, Winter age 1, Moose age 7, Marley age 13, and one crazy tiny human sibling, River age 5. Our house is loud, but full of love!

My new family loves the outdoors. They are always hiking, kayaking, backpacking, camping and just generally running around. The dogs, minus Marley (I've learned she's pretty tired and a little crabby in her old age), always go with them. I was pretty curious about these trips and my human didn't want me to have to miss out so she decided to let me come! Walking in our neighborhood is pretty intense and I don't much enjoy that. However backpack rides in the woods are soooo much fun! My little legs have a hard time keeping up so I prefer to ride and get out when we stop for snacks, yum! They tell me this next summer they want me to try the kayaks with them, but I am terrified of water and pretty good at getting my way so we'll to see about that!

Anyway that's it so far, I am cautiously excited to try more things and ill be sure to keep everyone updated on my adventures!

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