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Hi everyone,

Yo bro!

I’m Percy (short for Percival), a one-year-old domestic shorthair tiger… uh, cat. But according to my DNA test, I’m apparently also about 15% Main Coon, and another 10% Siberian and Norwegian Forest Cat! Although the test didn’t say so, I think I’m also part squirrel, because I love climbing everything, and my best animal-friend is a squirrel named Lara who comes and visits me on our balcony every day.

I was probably born outside on the streets or so, but I don’t quite remember, and mommy doesn’t know either. She adopted me from a shelter when I was three months old, and although I had never seen her before, I knew instantly that she was my mommy now and that I could trust her.

We live in a spacious apartment (that we’ve shared since September with two other nice humans) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where mommy does something boring called a PhD. Shortly after mommy brought me home last year, she introduced me to a harness and started to take me outside to the big yard behind our building. This was super scary at the beginning! But I soon discovered that it was also really interesting, because there were so many smells out there, and I realized it could even be great fun. My favorite things became exploring (at least on the days that I feel very confident), climbing trees, stalking the bunnies (even though mommy is a spoilsport and never lets me catch them), and getting lots of treats.

I still find it often scary outside here, because there are a lot of people where we live, not many places to hide in the big yard, and you never know when someone might suddenly walk around the corner. For all I know, anyone that I haven’t met yet might be an evil cat-murderer – especially the ones who have skateboards or scooters instead of feet. That’s why I prefer to go out late at night when it’s dark and there are not so many people around. For some reason, mommy keeps trying to convince me that going out during daylight is better. I don’t get it. But at least it means getting extra treats, and mommy always tells me what a good brave boy I am – obviously!

The Cat Who Stared at Goats

I had some very big adventures with mommy this summer when we did a lot of travelling. I was even flying high up in the sky in something called a plane a few times! I really didn’t like it at the beginning, because I didn’t know what was happening. But I eventually got more used to it. When we waited at the airport for our last flight, I wasn’t even scared of all the many people there anymore. What I liked the most though, was having so many new places to explore! Mommy always made sure that we were staying in areas that were a lot quieter than it is at home, where I could do some fun exploring outdoors with her, which was great. One time, we even stayed on a little farm, where I got to meet some really strange animals, and I was not scared of them at all!

I’m not only brave but also a very clever boy. Mommy often does clicker training with me, which I like because it means getting treats. There are definitely still a lot of things to work on, but overall, I think I’ve already trained my mommy really well!

If you want to see more of all the cool things that I’ve been up to, follow me on my Instagram account @percytheexplorercat

Me with my mommy on an adventure

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