Meet Me-ow: Fox & Frankie

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Hello everyone! We're Fox and Frankie, just two Maine Coon cats living the dream in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. We are a brother and sister pair and we were born in March 2021. Fox is a ginger male and Frankie is a patch tabby female. We came to live at our home in August. So even though we're about as big as a typical adult cat, at eight months old, we are still kittens.

Like other kittens, we love to play, explore, run and chase each other and are really curious. So adventuring on harness and leash, in our backpacks or in our stroller is part of our daily lives and we began our training soon after we arrived home.

Our family really loves spending time outdoors and we became Adventure Cats-in-Training out of their love for hiking and camping. Our family believes cats can enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably and always under supervision.

As Adventure Cats-in-Training, our first priority is safety and comfort. While we like walking on leash, if a situation doesn't feel "right" or there are too many dogs or kids or bikes, our pawrents will usually put us in our backpacks. For us, big, loud crowds and unleashed, barking dogs are still scary for us!

Also, many cats can be harness-trained, but we do recommend "reading" your cat's body language, progress slowly and offer a lot of rewards and treats, especially if they're not into it at first. (We will talk more about our harness training in another post!)

Adventuring and enrichment for felines can also occur inside. Our house has been "catified" and we have a lot of safe, simple toys around (our favourites include springs, straws and ball towers). We have access to a really large cat tree that can accommodate bigger cats and we have lots of soft places to sleep and hide if we need some "alone" time. Our cat tree is our perfect place to watch the squirrels and birds outside! For some really great ideas on "catifying" your home, watch this video from Jackson Galaxy.

We're really looking forward to sharing our experiences and learning from many of you.

Join us on Instagram @Fox.and.Frankie We have a lot of videos and photos posted. Happy Adventuring!

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