Meet Me-ow: Layla

Updated: Dec 27, 2021


My name is Layla, and I’m a British Shorthair. My birthday is the 19th September 2020 so I’m 15 months old. My mum and dad first thought I could be an adventure cat when I was just three months old and we all had to travel across the country to help my great grandma move house, and they discovered how much I love to explore new places!

After that they got me a harness and lead, and a backpack, and once they saw how happy I was we just did more and more adventuring. So far my favourite things to do are shopping, going out to cafes and restaurants, and visiting friends. Mum and I have been camping and paddle boarding together, and I’ve even been to work with her.

Dad works away from home a lot, so he doesn’t get to join in with many of our adventures. I miss him, but mum and I stick together and look after each other.

We live in Hampshire, in the UK. Our house has four storeys, so I keep very fit running up and down all those stairs. We are also very close to the sea, so we love a trip to the beach as often as we can.

Everywhere I go, I make new friends. I love going shopping because I always meet so many new people, I love exploring the shops, and if I’m lucky we will stop somewhere for a drink or even for dinner. I know I can be a bit of a show-off sometimes, but I’ve learnt to give high fives in exchange for treats and it always works, so why wouldn’t I?

I also enjoy helping other cats with their adventures. Mum and I get asked so many questions when we are out and about, and online too, and we are always very happy to help as much as we can. Most people we meet aren’t used to seeing cats like me out and I hope to show them that cats can do everything dogs can – and then some!

You can follow me to see more of my adventures on Instagram @littlelayla24

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