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Updated: Aug 11

About 6 months ago, I decided to transition from dry food (MeowMix) to the raw meat diet. Click here for information on benefits of raw meat diet! I won't claim to know everything, I won't claim to be perfect - but we are working on it and it's constantly a process. Here is what we've learned.

When I first decided to transition from dry to raw, I knew that it was important to prepare Aries for the transition so, I began introducing some wet food. Aries loved it so I was confident about introducing the raw meat. I didn't know where to get the meat but some furrfriends suggested we try Darwin's Natural Pet Products and we've loved it.

It took a few tries of learning how to prepare the raw meat (I'm a lifelong vegetarian and have no clue how to prepare meat) but some friends helped us and our standard method for feeding is to warm it using a hot water bath, although there are many ways of preparing it.

What we didn't account for was timing. Aries had previously had access to his food 24/7 so, whenever he was hungry, there was food available. The problem with that is that Aries was not hungry when I was making his food (what a kitty toddler moment) and I didn't want to let raw meat sit out in the apartment all day. The transition was not going well. So, I had to take a step back and work back up towards the raw meat transition with: SCHEDULED FEEDING.

To get Aries on the schedule, I decided to not leave his food out 24/7. I fed him once in the morning, once in the early afternoon, once in the evening, and once more at night

before bed. My reason for so many feeding times was that I was doing smaller portions so that he wasn't full at the next feeding time. It was tricky and challenging (especially at 4:00a-5:00a) but slowly but surely it began to work so we introduced wet food with the dry food. Then, we introduced raw meat with the wet food. We were back on track!

For the last few months, Aries has gotten raw meat at breakfast and dinner with occasional dry food (while I'm busy at school or late at night). It was pretty tough to manage multiple feeding times and types but recently, I began using the WOpet Automatic Feeder and have loved it! It's been so helpful with the various feeding times (especially at 4:00a-5:00a!!)

We are still working on our diet, preparation, transition, and more. We will write more about Meat & Meals as we learn more about it ourselves!

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