Get out there: adventuring outside

Updated: Mar 10

You've introduced the leash and the harness, your bag is packed, you're ready to go, so go!


For me, getting my cats outside was easy. I am very lucky to have a large deck they cannot escape from and also a large fenced in yard for them to explore in where they are safe and secure. So fortunately before I even remotely thought about taking them on a leash out in the world they already had some experience and were pretty comfortable outdoors. For others I know this step may be harder, my advice would be to just hang out with them right outside your front door until they get comfortable, then take them further and further. The most important thing you can do for your adventure kitty is help them build confidence. Cats are small, the outside world is huge! Yes they are predators but they are not in your face predators, they slink in the shadows and live their lives trying to not be seen. (Well back in the day anyway.) Confidence is key!

You may or may not have access to this but what I found the most helpful with growing my adventure cats confidence with the outside world is bringing a friend. Yes your cat will look to you for comfort, but you're mom, you remember being a kid, your parents don't know anything, they were never right. But your older sibling or friend from school, they knew what was up. Having a pawfriend there to show them that these trips are child's play, normal, fun even, with nothing at all to be scared of is huge, especially if its already a pawsibling in the house that they are comfortable with. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of advice for being completely solo on trips out in the world for the first few times, however that's the great thing about this collab, I bet one or more of my fellow bloggers have tons of advice in their posts!


Now all of that is fine and dandy but what I think is really helpful is also telling you all every where I went completely wrong. See with my first cat Tank (who now that I know much more I will be trying again this spring) I did pretty much anything and everything you could do wrong. What pray tell is that, well I'll tell you-

  • no pack

  • no harness training, I literally just threw it on him

  • no leash training

  • no supplies

  • no outdoor adjustment time

  • went straight to walking down my neighborhood road- with tons of loud new sounds

  • strange dogs barking

  • cars

  • kids

  • bikes

  • etc

Surprisingly this actually went pretty well, for a time, until it didn't. One day a huge truck came flying down the road, Tank freaked, had no where to go to hide so he slipped his harness and ran. It was absolutely terrifying trying to catch him and make sure he didn't get hit by a car. See he had no confidence with these new sounds, no where to go to feel safe, and no training in his harness, which was ill fitting. Luckily we got him back safe and sound. He is now 13 years old and its been a long time since this incident. I know more now and will be trying again soon to see if we can teach an old cat new tricks!

On top of that we will of course be bringing all his pawsiblings to help build that confidence!

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