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Disclaimer: Yep, each and every one of these has been Percy-tested! For context: Percy is around 11 pounds and not a fan of being confined in small or tight spaces.

All reviews are honest and based on our personal experience only. No reviews are sponsored.



"The Navigator" by TravelCat

- Currently our favorite go-to backpack!

Percy is not a fan of being confined in small, tight places. This very roomy backpack is ideal, therefore! I really like the very large front entrance. Having at least one large entrance is important to me with Percy. It means that, in emergencies, I can get Percy in the backpack more easily, even if Percy puts up a fight. With this backpack, I would lay it on its back, so that I could lower Percy into it from the top (- in cases of emergency only). The one downside of the large front entrance/window is that it doesn’t provide any insulation on cold days. You can see in the photo how I’ve currently remedied this by improvising: I simply attached some fabric to the mesh with safety pins and left it open on top, like a pocket. There I can then stuff some fleece inside for extra insulation, but also easily remove it when it’s not needed. I’m also hoping that it helps Percy to feel less exposed by making it easier for him to hide at the bottom of the bag if he gets nervous.


  • Very spacious!

  • Comfortable to carry both on the back and back and front (- I was surprised that it’s more comfortable than the slightly smaller cat backpacks that I’ve used before! It really doesn’t “feel” that large.)

  • Very large front entrance

  • Both the front and top entrance can be rolled up and secured in place

  • Good ventilation

  • Flat top that Percy can ride on

  • Better pockets than most cat backpacks. Could even hold a small water bottle. I particularly love how I can put some of the excess leash into one of the elastic side pockets (see photo) while I’m carrying Percy!

  • Has a large sleeve pocket on the back (inside), in which you can store more stuff, a heating/cooling pad, or even a hydration pack for the human

  • Chest and belly straps with lots of ways to adjust them

  • Good quality

  • Collapsible


  • Rather pricy ($149.99)

  • No cover for rain or shade

  • The large, full-length mesh entrance at the front could make some cats feel exposed

  • No good insulation for cold days

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"Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack" by PetAmi

- Pretty good overall, but can get uncomfortable to carry after a while.

This used to be our go-to backpack for quite a while, until we eventually switched to the Travel Cat Navigator a couple of months ago. Percy was overall quite happy with it. In this case, it was more me who eventually got fed up with it.


  • Fairly spacious

  • Almost-flat top that Percy can ride on top of.

  • Good-sized top entrance

  • Entrance at the front and on the sides.

  • Good, relatively spacious pockets on the front and sides.

  • No mesh on the bottom half, which makes it easier for Percy to hide and feel less exposed in general

  • Top entrance can be rolled up and secured in place

  • Collapsible

  • Comes in 7 different colors

  • Affordable ($39.99 on Amazon)


  • The bottom plate can uncomfortably push into your lower back. A way to remedy this is by simply rolling the back of the sherpa pad over the back of that bottom plate. However, after having used the backpack for quite a long time, I found that this wasn’t working as well anymore as it used to at the start. After carrying Percy for almost half an hour on my back once, I was in agony.

  • No cover for rain or shade

  • The front entrance folds downwards, so that flap would be hanging down if I were to carry the pack with the front entrance open.

  • It doesn’t have any knobs or so on the bottom, so the fabric at the bottom would get soaked if you put it down on wet ground.

Note: Check out Aries’ review of the same backpack for a second opinion!

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"Pet Carrier Backpack, Expandable" by Pecute

- Our first-ever cat-pack!

This can be a good backpack to start out with, as we did. But I wouldn’t recommend it for more advanced adventures.


  • Well-sized top and front entrance. (The sides can also be opened completely, but the backpack wouldn’t hold its shape well if one of the sides were unzipped.)

  • Great expandable part at the back! Can be used as a “tunnel” in games at home, which is a great way of introducing cats to the backpack in a fun way!

  • The top entrance can be held in place with a small piece of velcro when open.

  • Good ventilation

  • Collapsible

  • Affordable ($54.99 on Amazon)


  • The bottom pad can’t be secured in place. I found it a little annoying that it was flipping up and down whenever I carried the backpack without Percy inside and bent forward.

  • It does have pockets, but they aren’t very large

  • Comfort for the human is so-so. I found it a little awkward because it’s so broad, but that might not be an issue for larger people. (I’m 5’5” and on rather on the petite side).

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"Lyra Cat Pack" by Lyra

- Mommy’s favorite, but Percy said no 🙁

I so wish Percy would like this backpack! It’s just amazing in so many ways! But I should have known before I even got it that this was not a good idea. Percy doesn’t feel good about being in a small and tight space, which the Lyra Cat Pack certainly is. Having said that, for any cat that doesn’t have an issue with this, and maybe even likes to feel more “secure”, this might make a really comfortable cat backpack.


  • Probably the most comfortable cat backpack (for humans) out there! It has great padding, very comfortable padded straps, and even a nice broad, and padded hip belt with small pockets – just like a proper hiking backpack. The fact that it is not very deep, also helps with comfort, because it means that you are carrying the weight of your cat closer to your own body.

  • It has tons of amazing features, including: a removable mesh top that can be replaced with a flexible mesh cinch collar; an adjustable cat shelf, so that your cat can either sit higher up or lower down in the pack; a pocket for heating or cooling packs next to your cat; lots of great pockets, including a large bottom storage pocket beneath the adjustable cat shelf; a removable rainfly… etc.

  • Super lightweight and top quality all-round!


  • Expensive! ($180) – But would have been thoroughly worth it if Percy would have liked it!

Percy-specific cons:

  • I absolutely can’t get Percy to go inside it! I’ve tried everything; entice him inside through the top, the front entrance, adjust the cat shelf to all sorts of different positions; pack the pocket beneath to make the shelf more stable, etc… He did climb inside one time, but noticed how tight it was, jumped right back out, and refused to ever go back inside. In theory, he would easily fit, because the entire structure is soft, and would just mould itself to whatever position Percy would sit or move around in it. But Percy just doesn’t like to be “swaddled” like that. According to an instructional video on their website, they recommend lifting your cat inside. Generally, Percy does not like being picked up and put into any cat-pack. And the one time that I tried to lift him into this pack, Percy made it VERY clear to me that he is not okay with that. To climb inside on their own would presumably be a little awkward for all but the most petite cats.

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"SurferCat Bag" by SurfercatMav

- One of our all-time favorites!

Both Percy and I love this bag! Whenever I have given Percy the choice, which cat-pack to use for our usual outings, he would pick this bag almost every time. It’s very comfortable and convenient for both of us, it looks great, and it’s the only cat-pack that comes with a self-contained travel litter box! The only Percy-specific downside is that we can currently only use it within Percy’s comfort zones. Although it can be zipped up, this doesn’t work particularly well in Percy’s case, and, at this point, I can sadly still not rely on him to remain inside the bag of his own accord if we are beyond his comfort zones, or in generally unsafe places.


  • Comfortable for Percy ride in, and comfortable for mommy to carry! (This is the only cat bag that I have tried so far that I find comfortable to carry with the removable and adjustable cross-body strap.)

  • There is a special compartment at the bottom that contains a small self-contained, leak-proof travel litter box!!

  • It has a large pocket at the front that can hold a small heating or cooling pack, and another smaller pocket on one side. (There’s also plenty of extra space in the bottom compartment, even with the litter box in it.)

  • It can be zipped up completely and used as a travel carrier. (It’s also airline compliant!)

  • Very good quality material.

  • It looks great!

  • It comes with 2 really helpful private training videos.

  • You can get your cat’s name or Instagram handle custom embroidered for an extra fee.

  • Doubles as a great large shoulder bag (for stuff) if you’re not using it as a carrier!

  • Handmade!


  • Although it is actually fairly large, Percy can’t stand being zipped up in it. I presume that because it has no frame and falls in on itself, it appears tighter than it is, which Percy doesn’t like.

  • I found that it’s really difficult to zip Percy up in it completely (which I only do when absolutely necessary) because it’s just too easy for him to slip out of it while I’m trying to close the zippers.

  • Expensive ($179) – But totally worth it!

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"Dog/Cat Bag" (size: Large) by GJEASE

- Quite a good bag for training and shorter outings!

This is quite a decent bag for an affordable price! NOTE: There seem to be some identical and also some very similar but slightly different bags out there that all go under different brand names. The actual label on the bag is something in Chinese (I presume). GJEASE is simply the brand name under which I bought it on Amazon.


  • Mesh top/entrance that can be zipped up all the way.

  • Small mesh front and back windows/entrances. (By opening both of these and closing the top you can use it as a “tunnel” that you can lure your cat through with treats. That’s great for training, as a stage before zipping them up in the bag.)

  • There is an extra flap on top that serves as a great rain cover!

  • There are extra flaps for the front and back entrances that are great for insulation on cold days, and also give your pet more privacy.

  • Slip pockets on both sides.

  • Lightweight

  • Collapsible

  • Looks nice

  • Affordable (price on Amazon seems to be changing all the time ~$20-$50)


  • I don’t like using the removable shoulder strap because it pulls the bag out of shape. (Just hanging it on my shoulder with the handles works well though.)

  • The removable bottom insert that comes with it is just covered in some simple nylon fabric. (I happen to have a more comfortable insert from another bag that fits perfectly, so I replaced it with that one.)

  • It doesn’t have any knobs or so on the bottom, so the fabric at the bottom would get soaked if you put it down on wet ground.

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"Camo Canvas Dog Carrier Tote" by Reddy

- Good, very large tote that’s a bit different to the usual kind.

I got this bag to see if it helps Percy to have a carrier that he can very easily hide in. The mesh is only on the uppermost part of the bag, and due to some extra breathable and see-through fabric behind the mesh, Percy would be practically invisible inside if I closed the bag completely.


  • It’s very large. – Would definitely work well for large cats too!

  • There are many different ways you can partially open it, so that your cat can, for example, only stick their head out.

  • It has large slip pockets on both sides.

  • It only has mesh on the uppermost part of the bag, making it easy for cats to hide in the bag and not feel exposed.

  • There is water-proof fabric on the bottom of the bag.

  • It comes both in black and grey camo


  • I wish the handles would be a little bit shorter.

  • Because it is so large, the weight distribution isn’t great when Percy moves to the very front or back of the bag.

  • No rain cover

  • Mid-range price ($79.99)

  • I think you can only get it via Petco’s, so it might not be available outside the US.

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"The Regulation Pet Carry-On" by Beis - Surprisingly great travel carrier with expandable feature. Works also as a backpack!

I ordered this on a whim, thinking I might just return it if I don’t like it since it’s really expensive. But both Percy and I ended up loving it, and I’m planning to use it for our next travels, especially airline travel. I have now seen Percy napping in it at home a few times already!! (- Percy never usually sleeps in any carriers at home, so this is quite remarkable!)

NOTE: We have not yet used this for actual travel.


  • Very spacious but could still be easily squeezed under a low airline seat if necessary.

  • Extendable part with mesh on one side, that provides an extra 2-3in legroom to stretch out, extra ventilation, an extra place to look out without feeling exposed, and can easily be left open while carrying the bag without being bothersome.

  • Good-sized top mesh opening on top.

  • Provides the cat with a lot of privacy. The large mesh window on the front is only on the upper part of the bag, making it easy to hide in the bag.

  • Can easily be transformed into a backpack that’s surprisingly comfortable to carry! (Would be very useful when, for example, carrying it through the narrow isles on a plane).

  • Very comfortable sherpa-lined removable pad

  • Good padding all-round.

  • Large padded slim pocket on the back, with smaller slip pocket compartments inside. (You’re supposedly able to store a 13” laptop there. I’m certainly not planning to do that, but it’s still a great pocket for treats and some other basic supplies).

  • Trolley handle sleeve

  • Removable crossbody strap. - I don’t particularly like carrying with the crossbody strap, but I can simply hang it on my shoulder with the handles, which works great for me! They’re a bit short, but I like it, because that way I’ve got Percy right under my arm, the bag doesn’t swing around, and I find it quite comfortable to carry it that way.

  • Very good quality. Seems very durable.


  • Only one opening (on top). (But that’s not a problem with Percy who’s used to entering carriers through the top)

  • Not collapsible (but can be squished quite a bit).

  • Expensive! ($168)

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"Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Carrier" (size: Large) by Purrpy

- Good affordable travel carrier! We used this for our summer travels.

This carrier held up for our 2-month-long travels this summer, which included 6 flights, and is still intact! If I had not found the Beis carrier, which I like even more, I would have likely used this one for our next travels too.