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Updated: Mar 10

So you're ready to go on an adventure? What should you bring and why-

Obviously first things first, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Are you going far? How many miles do you plan on doing? City streets or forest trails? Is there access to water? Solo trip or lots of creatures tagging along? Some of these may not apply to your situation but these are usually the questions I have to ask myself. Regardless of the answers to these questions there are three things I will always bring, a pack, harness, and leash. Of course it goes without saying always have your phone charged and on hand, not only for pictures but also for safety reasons. No one plans to get lost or hurt but things happen.

Lets start with short easy trips, like walking down to the local playground or a trip to the winery.


These trips require the least amount of prep in my opinion. The only things I bring are the

staples (harness, leash, pack.) I know it may seem silly to bring a big ol' pack for such a short trip or to some where you'll really just be sitting at your table but it's more about security than anything. You never know what the world may throw at you and it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. However for the most part these are chill trips with easy access to water and the ability to just head back home if needed. The only issue I have ever ran into on these short excursions is people hounding me to be able to pet Rune, who for the most part hisses at them if they get too close and then they promptly leave us alone!

Next up is short-ish solo treks.


As some of you may have realized, I have about a million pets (sort of an exaggeration) because of that I like to make sure I give each of them some solo adventure time every so often through out the year. Rune is no exception. Prep for these trips is a little more involved as it is usually on a trail. First of course the staples. Next, ALWAYS make sure you have water! Now depending on where we are going (keep in mind I live in the mid-west, not an arid area, so creeks, ponds, and rivers abound) I will usually bring one bottle of water for both of us to share as these trip generally don't last more than three miles or so. Then the last two things I make sure to have for these trips are my knife and pepper spray. Check your state or country laws to make sure if you do carry a knife that it is not longer than legally allowed. Why do I carry a knife? Well a few reasons: 1.) Safety- I am a woman hiking alone safety is always a concern whether it is for animals (we've had a scary encounter with a bobcat) or humans. 2.) Utility- this mostly relates back to my pups but it could happen with an adventure kitty as well, between cutting out burs matted into their coat, legs tangled in vines, digging out giant thorns or splinters in paws, or sometimes even cutting some brush out of the way to get to the perfect spot at the creek, I always end up using my knife in some way. The pepper spray is pretty self explanatory and relates back to, woman alone, you know.

Finally long or group trips.


These make up the majority of my trips and also require the most prep. I generally begin prepping for these the night before I go. This is where having a pack with a lot of pockets really comes in handy. Now some of this may not apply to you but for these this is where I begin. Charging- camera, Garmin watch, e-collars, remotes I always get these plugged in the night before. You always want to have full/fresh batteries. Extra leashes. You can never have too many leashes on hand. Personally I always keep an extra leash in my car and my pack. I have needed it more than once for a random stray dog or a leash clip breaking mid hike. WATER! For longer hikes with multiple critters you can never have enough water. A collapsible bowl is very useful as well. Generally I like to stick to one bottle of water per two adventure animals, so for two dogs, one cat, and me, I will bring two bottles. Please keep in mind like I said even in summer water in my climate is not hard too come by, sometimes finding clean water is though, hence why I do always pack a little. I also have a water pump/purifier to be able to drink water straight from the river which I sometimes bring to keep the weight of the pack down. Snacks. Just like you will need something to eat to keep your energy up so will your adventure kitty. On long trips I always make sure to bring a few treats or purees. Plus a little picnic in the woods is always fun and a nice little break. Then make sure to pack in your safety items and have your staples and you're ready to go!

Another note: Always tell someone where you are going and don't be afraid to take pictures of suspicious cars or people and send them to someone you trust.

So in conclusion the things to have:

-backpack -leash -extra leash -harness -water -snacks -phone -safety items

Have fun out there!

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