Age: 1

Gender: Female

Score: 27

Personality type: Extroverted

Favorite Adventure:  Living by the sea means we go on trips to the beach as often as we can, and we have several spots where we like to go to watch the sunset on a clear day.

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Our Favorite Adventure

If I had to choose just one adventure, it would have to be the time we went wild camping on Dartmoor. Layla was the happiest little cat - usually when we go out, at some point she will say something to let me know she is grumpy about something that is happening, but this time she barely said a word. She was just enjoying nature, and the peace and quiet. She was very keen to get involved with setting the tents up, and then we lit the barbecue and she settled down, a safe distance away of course. She discovered a little dip in the grass right next to where I was sitting, and made herself comfy in there, jumping up to chase the occasional bug, but mostly just chilling out with us as the sun set. I had initially put her in her harness, as the weather was extremely hot during the day, but as it got colder into the evening I made sure she changed into a fleece jumper, and then layered up with a puffy jacket over the top. She curled up by my feet on the end of my sleeping bag and went straight to sleep. I was woken up in the morning by loud purring and a rough little tongue on my hand, as usual.


However, our day to day adventures are far more urban. We live in a town which is a borough of a large, busy city, right by the sea. Layla and I go shopping together often, and we always stop at a cafe or a restaurant for a drink or some dinner. Layla makes lots of friends when we are out and about and she’s always willing to show off the tricks she knows - giving a high five, and standing up on her back legs on command. She makes herself at home everywhere we go, happily sprawling across a shop floor in front of everyone she meets and casually washing behind her ears as if she doesn’t have a care in the world (which of course she doesn’t). We have our favourite places to go, where we are always recognised, and we love exploring new places too. Living by the sea means we go on trips to the beach as often as we can, and we have several spots where we like to go to watch the sunset on a clear day.


As I am sometimes required to work away from home, Layla is very used to staying in hotels, airbnbs, and with friends and family. She likes to ‘help’ with my work, taking charge of my laptop and scaling the back of my office chair when we are together and she is well known among my work colleagues for her adventures, and for popping into the office together when we can.


Layla’s daddy works away from home for long periods of time, and we are both looking forward to seeing him again, when he will finally be able to join in with our adventures again!