Fox & Frankie

Age: 8 months             

Gender: Male             

Score: 31                   

Personality type: Extroverted

Age: 8 months             

Gender: Female             

Score: 26                   

Personality type: Extroverted

Favorite Adventure: walking along the quiet, forested paths in the national park near our home just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Our Favorite Adventure

We are eight-month-old purebred Maine Coon kittens living near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We arrived at our furrever home in late August 2021. And soon after, we started harness training, travelling in a backpack and adventuring. Our pawrents believe that felines can enjoy the great outdoors…safely, from a harness and/or in a backpack or pet stroller. We love adventuring because it gives us a sense of freedom and confidence and keeps us as connected to our feline roots. For us, adventuring also keeps our minds engaged and our growing muscles toned. 

Our favourite adventure is walking along the quiet, forested paths in the national park near our home just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We love the forest because there is so much to see, hear and smell. And because there are lots of tall grasses, ferns, and shrubs, we feel secure and can “hide” underneath a shrub if there are strangers that make us feel uncomfortable. While we prefer less popular routes because we still get nervous around dogs and strangers, we are getting more comfortable each and every day we are outside on our walks. 

While we progressed really quickly, our pawrents took “kitten” steps to make sure we were totally comfortable walking on harness. We first started harness training in our living room and then progressed to our enclosed terrace and then finally our backyard. When we showed our pawrents that we were really comfortable using our harnesses and the leash, they took us out for very short car ride and walks in different places away from our home. 

For our outdoor adventures, we ride our Travel Cat “Fat” backpacks or Petique pet stroller. However, we really love just being on our own paws, jumping from fallen logs and big rock formations. We know our pawrents would like us to go camping next summer, so we are working to improve our comfort outside in different scenarios and situations. 

We have learned a lot about being adventure cats through many different sources online, Facebook groups and reading about other cats’ experiences. And even though we’re still learning and getting more comfortable, we want to share our experiences with other cats in the hopes that they too can have the confidence walking outside, in a harness. Others can follow our experience on our Instagram feed @Fox.and.Frankie